Coles Street Artistic Redemption Initiative

Repurposing a historical artistic space

Where there used to be culture and artistic influence in the form of a traditional art supply store; the walls were covered in culture by local artists who were once embraced by the owners. The Hudson County Art Supply Store will always be an embraced landmark; that area is a representation for artistic advocacy that speaks on the influx of gentrification that is taking over the culture of our neighborhoods.

We have been graced as a company, by the developers, with the privilege to challenge artists from different communities to come together and express themselves on our interchanging 'slap-up walls.' Making sure to be aware of the community around us, always trying to encompass the diversity that is Jersey City, we continue to change the art and bring in different aesthetics that speak on that culture - bringing people together through art to find a commonality.

Art will save the world.

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